The Art of Herbal Formulation

Herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years.  Humans (and animals for that matter) have used plants as medicine and food from the beginning. As this medicine has evolved over time, it became quite apparent that blending herbs together, made for more effective, individualized medicine. The concept of synergy became a vital part of more sophisticated use of plants as medicine. Blending plants allows for the strongest constituents of each plant to be balanced by their ‘partner’ plants, and that the individual taking the medicine benefited from this partnership.

All traditional medicines from around the globe have used this type of herbal blending in one form or another.  Unfortunately, history has lost a great deal of the recordings of these various traditions - due to culture clashes, war, and destruction of older civilizations.  Only a few have remained intact. Two of the these traditions are Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine (from the continent of India). Fortunately, these have been continued uninterrupted with respect and reverence for their efficacy and power. From this we have learned a great deal.

Modern clinical herbalists have a great deal of proven clinical history at their fingertips. We have the capacity to learn from these traditions in various ways and we have access to quality herbal material. With this bounty of resources, we are able to combine various herbs from various traditions to make personalized formulas for our clients.  This is not only a science, it is an art.

When a client comes in for a consult with a clinical herbalist, a very comprehensive intake occurs.  Health history, and current issues are discussed at length. Many things are taken into consideration, as there is never just one stand alone issue.  A pattern emerges for the herbalist to see and work with. With this information, the herbalist can then combine various herbs (often tinctures and/or teas) that are appropriate for that specific client. Combining herbs creates that valuable synergy, that allows for the best outcome for that specific client, and for the herbs to do their best work; balancing and enhancing each other. This kind of personalized medicine can only take place in this type of setting.  

At Remedy we stock off-the-shelf herbal formulas from trusted brands as well as custom formulas blended by our herbalist. Stop by and ask us what might be best for you!