Compounding: Personalized Medicine at its Best

Compounded medications are the true essence of personalized medicine. Unlike commercially available medications which are manufactured in bulk and made to meet the needs of an “average patient”, compounded medications are 100% customized to YOU and your unique needs.

Providing a perfect fit of everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Remedy can compound medications for your entire household. Compounded medications do require a prescription from your doctor or veterinarian (we compound for pets too!). Our pharmacists can work with your doctor to help answer questions about what will work best for you.


Remedy is one of only a few local pharmacies that offers on-site compounding. We are a USP 795 and 800 compliant lab, meaning we operate at the highest standards to ensure you get safe, effective, and pure medications. We compound hazardous and non-hazardous non-sterile compounds and only use the highest quality ingredients.


Children are not just small adults when it comes to medication use. They are unique in the way their developing bodies process medications. Not all commercially-available meds are made to meet their unique needs. We have solutions that range from improving the taste of medications (to make your life easier) to manipulating adult medications to the strength and dosage form your child needs.


We are animal lovers! Did you know that pharmacies dispense medications for animals too? Remedy offers a range of medications for your pets. Compounding can help assist your veterinarian with creating appropriately-dosed medications for the species of your pet. We also offer flavors that animals love such as beef, anchovy, and alfalfa (yum!).


Hormone Replacement Therapy (also called HRT) is commonly provided though compounded medications. HRT requires the use of precise dosing to match your individual needs. Compounding HRT also allows for the use of natural hormones, also referred to as bioidentical hormones, where the original source is from a plant. Wild yam and soybean plants contain precursor molecules that can be chemically processed into steroid hormones such as progesterone, estradiol, and testosterone.

Some reasons why your doctor might consider using a compounded medication:

  • Alternate dosage form. Medications are not always available in the full range of products. For example, if the medication you need is available as a tablet but you need to use it as a cream, we have the flexibility to put the active medication you need in a variety of dosage forms.

  • Avoid excessive exposure to medications. Flexible dosing of medication strengths allows for the use of only the smallest amount of drug required, which limits side effects. This is especially important for children, small adults, or individuals that may have conditions that reduce their ability to eliminate medications (i.e., reduced kidney or liver function).

  • Avoid irritating chemicals. Medications contain other compounds than just the active ingredient. These compounds (casein, gluten, dyes, etc.) might be used to help with stability, shelf life, the manufacturing process, or packaging. Some patients may have allergies to these chemicals or just prefer to have a “purer” medication. Compounding offers the ability to choose what these additional ingredients are, allowing us to work around allergens or to make a cleaner product.

  • Novel treatment approaches. Unique solutions to unique problems. Compounded medications allow physicians and pharmacists to work together to create solutions for patients when commercially-available medications can’t get the job done.



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