Google should not be your pharmacist. There is an art to applying what we know about medications to how we should use them. Each patient has unique needs when it comes to their medications and sometimes you need more time and privacy than you can get with the drop-in consultations. With this more in-depth consultation, a pharmacist will go through your medications one-by-one, answer any questions you may have, and provide helpful advice.

This consultation is fully customizable to help you meet your goals. Some common topics other patients have used this time with the pharmacist to address are:

  • Medication side effects

  • Drug-drug, drug-food, or drug-herb interactions

  • Medication de-escalation (determining what medications you might be able to get off of and how, in coordination with your doctor)

  • Medication reconciliation (coordination with multiple doctors to get one master medication list)

This consultation is held in our private consultation room and includes:

  • 30-45 minutes with a pharmacist

  • Correspondence with your doctor when issues are identified

  • Drug-nutrient depletion report

  • Drug-drug interaction report

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