Remedy Loves Moms

Remedy loves our mommas! As a women-owned and operated company, we (our pharmacists and herbalists) all have a passion for women's health. 

At Remedy, you will find products to support moms at every phase of motherhood. From trimester zero through four and then products to support new babies and growing children. As we reflect on how important mommas are in this world, we wanted to take a moment to make sure that you are aware of all the thoughtfully curated products we stock to support moms of all stages!


Trimester Zero

You might be asking what is trimester zero? Well, it is the time when you are beginning to prepare for pregnancy, typically the 3-6 months before becoming pregnant. This trimester is often overlooked but there are many things that you can do at this time to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. One of the big ones is hormonal balance for cycle regulation, and the other big one is starting to clean up your exposure to unnecessary chemicals. 

For cycle regulation, I recommend our Women’s Phase 1 Supplement. It is great when you are getting off of birth control and want to help your body get back in harmony with your natural cycle. It is also great if you are not on birth control, but you started tracking your cycle and you are seeing irregularities. 

Reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals is great for YOUR health and your future babies. We could write an entire blog post on this alone, but a great resource is Dr. Aviva Romm’s Six Month Preconception Health Plan. One thing I always recommend for people to do right away is to make sure their cookware does not contain any PFOA or PFOS. Studies show women with higher levels of these chemicals took longer to get pregnant, so start getting these out of your life ASAP. 

Lastly, Maca is a great thing to add in during this phase too. Maca is an adaptogen and helps balance out stressors and has shown improved fertility and mood! The recommended dose is 1,500 to 2,000 mg maca extract daily. It is important, as it always is with herbs, that this comes from a good source as maca is notoriously known herb to be adulterated.


Trimester One through Three

While pregnant you will want to ensure you are on a high-quality prenatal multivitamin and omega 3 supplements. We prefer whole-food-based versions especially for those expectant moms who are suffering from morning sickness. Our favorite is the Baby & Me by Innate.

We also have some great natural pregnancy-safe remedies for other ailments that might come up during your pregnancy. These include items for morning sickness, anxiety, hemorrhoids, and sleep!


Trimester Four

Trimester four is the time immediately postpartum. This is a pivotal time in your and your new baby’s life. While normally a lot of the focus is on the baby, we like to make sure mommas are getting the attention they need too!

For moms, we love our Mother and Child supplement that helps rebuild depleted nutrients for a mother recovering from delivery and who is also breastfeeding. We also carry other items for immediate post-delivery care such as sitz bath sprays and pads. For mothers who are needing more breastfeeding support we carry a variety of milk production herbal blends from Motherlove. 


New Babies

One of the products we feel strongly about for baby is the probiotic B.infantis. This is another topic that we could devote an entire blog post to, so please come and chat with us if you have more questions. The long and short of it is, all babies regardless of C-section or vaginal delivery can benefit from this probiotic. The earlier the better, and especially for kids that have a family history of autoimmune conditions such as asthma or allergies. At Remedy, we also stock a few items for infant care such as diaper balm creams that have herbs with great antibacterial and antifungal activity, all sensitive enough for baby’s bum!


Growing Infants and Children

As your child grows, their needs do as well. We carry a great line of organic gummy-vitamins (because taking vitamins is the last battle you need to fight!) along with other great daily essentials like chewable probiotics and omega 3s! We are proud to offer an extensive list of products from Wishgarden, a line loved by all moms! These glycerite-based herbal tinctures are safe for kids of all ages! Because they are glycerite based, kids don’t mind taking them or you can even hide them in juice. They offer products for common ailments, like allergies, immunity, cough and sniffles, and momma’s favorite.. quiet time/sleep!


Thank you to all the moms out there that truly make this world go round. We hope you all have a great mother’s day this year and please let us know if we can answer any questions on the topics listed above. We have pharmacists and herbalists eagerly awaiting to help!