Top 5 Herbal Remedies for Relaxation

There are numerous botanicals that assist in relaxation, soothing the nerves, grounding, uplifting the spirit, and assisting in rejuvenating sleep. Its hard to think of anyone who couldn’t use this help in one way or another…


Nervines are one of the categories in this area of healing. Nervines are herbs that specifically help support the nervous system. There is a variance in the strength of sedation in different botanicals; some are mildly relaxing while others are deeply sedating. Depending on what is required, there are herbs that can do what is needed. 


Our Top 5 Herbal Remedies for Relaxation


Chamomile is widely known for its relaxing and uplifting/calming constituents. It is an anti inflammatory and therefore is healing to the nervous system. In addition, it contains easily assimilated magnesium, calcium, and other valuable minerals which calm and support the nervous system. 


Lemon Balm  has been traditionally used to support cognitive function, and recent human clinical research has discovered that lemon balm may indeed promote calm and focus in healthy subjects. Lemon balm is often used alone or in combination with other synergistic herbs, and plays a role in optimizing immune health, digestive health and providing a sense of balance for the nervous system.


Hops has a long history of being used to help improve sleep. Scientific research shows that hops, with its natural sedative effects, can increase sleep time. Hops also helps to lower body temperature—falling core body temperature is one important physiological step toward sleep.


Lavender works as an anxiolytic (an anxiety reliever) and as a sedative, to increase relaxation and calm, and help bring about sleep. Lavender interacts with the neurotransmitter GABA to help quiet the brain and nervous system activity, reducing agitation, anger, aggression, and restlessness.


California Poppy is the state flower of California and  is used for insomnia, aches, nervous-agitation, bed-wetting in children, and diseases of the bladder and liver. It is also used to promote relaxation. Often used in combination with other nervine herbs, this safe and lovely plant can be very effective for anxiety, and sleep issues, for people of all ages.


Whether you drink a tea, use a tincture, or create a ‘dream pillow’, these and many herbs could just do the trick!  In most cases, a combination of the above or something similar is most helpful. We have a great selection of herbal supplements for varied levels of relaxation and sleep. Pop in or give us a call and let us guide you to the best remedy for you!