We offer Integrative Services for Urinary Tract Infections at Remedy Pharmacy.

Commonly get UTIs? You are not alone. More than half of women will have at least one UTI at some point in life. Our integrative services are meant to meet all of your needs, (even prescriptions) without a doctor's visit! We offer consultations with our pharmacists and/or herbalists that focus on prevention and treatment. Integrative care at Remedy includes herbal protocols as well as antibiotics when needed. We offer the care that meets you where you are.

Work with a Pharmacist to get UTI Medications (Antibiotics), $49

Get assessed by a pharmacist, and if eligible, get a medication prescribed by the pharmacist. Book here for more information and eligibility. This appointment is best for people who are seeking a prescription for an antibiotic and meet the eligibility criteria. Pharmacists will also recommend products for symptomatic relief and prevention.

Work with an Herbalist to get Herbal Support, Drop-in ($0) or Private Consultation ($79)

Herbalists can support urinary health and balance using natural protocols. Herbalist consultations are available for no charge if you stop in the store pending availability. If you want a more personalized and dedicated consultation, which allows a deeper dive into your whole health picture, we recommend booking a private consultation.