Xlear Sinus Netirinse Bottle Plus, 6 pkts


The Xlear Story

The nose and sinuses are designed to act as filters and they form the first line of defense against airborned contaminants, pollen, dust and other irritants. Nasal and sinus cleansing have been used for millennia to keep these "filters" working as they should. The Xlear Sinus Care system with Xylitol combines the wisdom of the past with modern research on the amazing benefits of Xylitol-professionally developed to offer an easy-to-use system tailored to meet any need. Whether you need Maximum, Moderate, or Daily Care, the Xlear Sinus Care

This product contains:

• 1 sinus rinse bottle (holds 10 fl oz)
• 6 packets of Xlear Sinus Care Solution
• 1 free Xlear Nasal Spray sample

Ingredients: Xylitol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sea Salt.

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