Spice and Seasoning Cards


Acorn Squash in Coconut-Pepper Cream Seasoning Card
Acorn squash is roasted with woody nutmeg, honey, and butter, then filled with a hearty coconut and sweet pepper gravy for a tropical twist on a classic autumnal taste.

Aleppo Chile
Slightly oily with a fruity, smoky-but-not-smoked flavor and very little heat. A wonderful finishing spice for anything that could use just the slightest kick.

Kerinci Cinnamon Spice Card
Smooth, warm, and slightly sweet with a subtle bite, this is the classic cinnamon flavor we all know so well. Perfect for when you want something to taste a bit more autumnal.

“Tofu-for-People-Who-Don't-like-Tofu” Tofu Seasoning Card
Soft tofu becomes irresistible thanks to a delicious sesame-soy dressing. A recipe to convert the tofu skeptics—including Deuki himself. (8) 1/2 Teaspoon Pods Included (2) - Gochugaru Chile (2) - White Sesame Seed (2) - Nori Flakes (2) - California Garlic Powder

Warm Spiced Salmon & Coconut Greens Seasoning Card
An Indian-inspired spice blend transforms simple baked salmon into comfort food. Zingy pickled apples and greens dressed in a luscious coconut sauce balance the dish. This card has enough spice to serve four people twice or eight people once. (8) 1/2 Teaspoon Pods Included (2) - Allspice Powder (2) - Black Cardamom (2) - Ginger (2) - White Pepper

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