SOJA&CO Liquid Hand Soap, Chamomile & Coconut Water


Chamomile + coconut water — As the sun lowers over the horizon and the sky is ablaze with oranges, pinks and purples, it's startling to think that its warm rays on the skin had required an application of coconut sunscreen on our cheeks just a few hours ago. The breeze is cool, salty and still carries the crisp scent of winter. The waves crash on the sand, hitting the rocks and the chamomile flowers growing wild along the shore. Tropical herbal tea in hand, sweater over the shoulders, bare feet sinking into the ground with each step. Spring on the coast is promising to be beautiful.

Top notes: coconut water, sea salt

Middle notes: chamomile, lavender, mint, cedar leaf Base notes: vanilla bean, amber, musk

Why we love it -Vegan and without animal cruelty -Non-gmo and parabens-free -Handmade in canada

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