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Postpartum Qi & Jing, 270ct

This formula was designed by Dr. Jake Fratkin and used successfully in his clinic. It is primarily for postpartum normalization of the uterus, and to replenish Qi and jing lost during labor. Its foundation is Eight Treasures Decoction (Ba Zhen Tang), the classic formula for tonification of Qi and blood. Astragalus is added (huang qi) to reinforce the building of Qi and blood, ho-shou-wu to nourish blood, yin, and jing, gelatinum (e jiao) and artemisia (ai ye) to arrest deficiency bleeding, and crataegus (shan zha) to treat abdominal pain. Three herbs, salvia (dan shen), leonurus (yi mu cao), and rubia (qian cao gen) are used synergistically to invigorate blood, dispel stasis and expel the placenta. They also act to contract the uterus and return it to normal size.

Serving Size:3 Capsule - Servings Per Container:90
Amount Per Serving - Proprietary Blend: 2250 mg
Ginseng root
Astragalus root
Rehmannia (cooked) root
Salvia root
Poria sclerotium
Leonurus herb
Tang-kuei root
White Peony root
Ho-shou-wu root
White Atractylodes rhizome
Ligusticum root
Crataegus fruit
Rubia root
Citrus peel
Artemesia leaf
Licorice root
Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (vegetable cellulose), rice bran
For more than a decade, Health Concerns has been in the forefront of research in herbal medicine, and was the first company to manufacture herbal products in the United States for practitioners. Its founder, Andrew Gaeddert, is an herbalist, lecturer, author of numerous books on herbal medicine, and committed to improving community health. He assisted in the development of clinical trials with HIV patients in 1992, and has been on the protocol team of a study to investigate the effects of Chinese herbs on chronic diarrhea, and an anemia study sponsored by the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine.

Health Concerns formulas are created on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern biochemistry and developed by experienced practitioners such as Mr. Gaeddert, Dr. Fong, and Misha Cohen. They are targeted to treat specific disorders, and manufactured under strict quality control. All are continually tested to ensure optimum effectiveness, potency, and maximum bioavailability.

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