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Nootropic Focus, 90ct.


Nootropic Focus will ensure an energizing and stabilizing boost through its neuroprotective and synergistic proprietary blend of organic lion's mane mycelia & fruiting body, organic rhodiola root, organic ginkgo leaf, organic gotu kola leaf, American ginseng root, and cholophyll.

Organic lion's mane has been clinically observed to promote NGF (nerve growth factor), an important precursor for the growth and differentiation of neurons, while simultaneously exhibiting neuroprotective effects towards oxidative stress. Bioactive compounds from the mycelia and fruiting bodies have also been observed to, based on the neurotrophic and neurogenic pathophysiology of depression, be a potential alternative method for the treatment of depression. A reduction in inflammation and increase in NGF go a long way to promote brain homeostasis!

Organic Rhodiola rosea, a popular adaptogen, has been long studied for it's performance-enhancing abilities resulting in a reduction of mental and physical fatigue and improved cognitive function.

Organic ginkgo leaf is a must for age-related cognitive decline. However, there is growing evidence however to support Ginkgo's ability to improve working memory, which has limited capacity, so it holds information temporarily. This improvement has been shown to enhance comprehension, reasoning, and problem-solving. 

Organic gotu kola is an energizing, cognitive-stimulating herb. Through its stimulating effect on the thyroid, gotu kola in turn, helps the limbic/emotional brain regulate hormonal output to help one stay more balanced.

American ginseng is reported to improve cognitive function, increase insulin sensitivity, and reduce inflammation through bioactive components known as ginsenosides. 

Chlorophyll, through it's high antioxidant neutralizing capabilities, is a free-radical scavenger, also aiding the body's abilities in blocking harmful oxidants. This version of chlorophyll is paired with a copper molecule in a complex that makes it more stable.

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