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Male Virility Liquid Extract, 1oz


A balanced formula that combines both herbs and amino acids for hormone support as well as healthy blood flow. l-Arginine supports nitric oxide formation, important for healthy dilation of blood vessels, circulation, and blood flow with added support from pycogenol. In trials, l-arginine has demonstrated the potential to support endothelial function in blood vessels, platelet function, exercise tolerance, and sexual function. Tribulus helps maintain the body's normal testosterone levels. Formulation of adaptogens and phytochemicals that support androgen signaling through a variety of mechanisms. This formula is designed to help to support the health of testosterone-producing glands and testosterone-responsive tissues. Helps with energy and vitality.

Ingredients: L-Arganine (20 mg), Pine Bark Extract, Maca Root, Yohimbe Bark, Epimedium Herb, Tribulus Seed, Fresh Wild Oat Seed, Saw Palmetto Berry, American Ginseng Root.

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