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Makeup Remover, 4 oz


Still wiping your face with chemicals? Stop now! This all-natural make-up remover is handcrafted with all the good stuff you want and none of the bad stuff you don’t. And with the same benefits. Crafted to be gentle, yet effective, once you try Pantry’s All-Natural Eye Make-up Remover, you’ll never go back to chemicals again.

– Fractionated Coconut Oil
– Distilled Water
– Gentle, All-Natural Baby Shampoo (Yes, tear-free too!)
– Neroli Essential Oil

Since natural ingredients tend to separate upon resting, please shake well before each use.

Handmade and handtested in small batches in downtown Reno, NV

Vegan | Vegetarian | Gluten-Free | Cruelty-Free About the Brand: In 2015, Pantry Products sprouted as a response to a desire for all-natural, chemical-free personal care products that contribute to and support a healthy lifestyle. We are proudly 100% female-owned, 100% all-natural, and offer 100% transparency in all aspects of our business. Each offering in the Pantry Products’ lineup is hand blended in small batches in our apothecaries located in Reno, NV. We use only 100% natural ingredients including plant oils & butters, therapeutic grade essential oils, hyrdosols, and botanical extracts resulting in effective and luxurious products at an affordable price point. Due to us not using stabilizers or other chemical preservatives, our products are sensitive to weather. Bring your Pantry packages in from the heat/cold ASAP as we cannot be responsible for damage due to weather. We aim to be as gentle to the environment as we are to you. We use local-sourced, non-GMO, organic materials whenever possible and work to reduce, reuse, and recycle in every aspect of our production and retail operation.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, All-Natural Baby Shampoo, Neroli Essential Oil.

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