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Magic Magnesium 3.7oz


Magic Magnesium, a dreamy spirulina blue lemonade powder.

Magnesium does far more than calm. It’s foundational nutrition—to support healthy energy levels, bolster gut health and nervous system vitality, strengthen muscle, bone, and dental health, and provide hydrating electrolytes.

  • Maintains energy levels 
  • Promotes gut health
  • Provides hydration
  • Promotes a sense of calm
  • 200 mg of Magnesium citrate per serving

This magnesium is different, it is sourced from the sea! It's made from a reaction of purified ocean water and citric acid, to create magnesium citrate. Bonus: our magnesium contains all 72 trace minerals, since it's sourced from seawater.

Magic Magnesium will help you relax, no matter the time of day. Want help winding down at night? Take it then. Waking up anxious? Take it in the morning! There's no set time, and you can even split your dose in two to dose throughout the day.

Instructions for use: Take 1 teaspoon daily in 8-12 ounces of water.

INGREDIENTS: Magnesium citrate from seawater, organic maltodextrin, organic lemonade flavor, organic lemon powder, citric acid, organic monkfruit extract, organic blue spirulina, organic stevia extract, organic lemon flavor

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