Jarrow Formulas

Jarro-Dophilus ® Women 10Bil, 30ct

Probiotic Supplement

10 billion per capsule - 4 clinically documented vaginal strains

Jarro-Dophilus ® Women contains four clinically documented probiotic lactobacilli vaginal strains, including H2O2 producers isolated from healthy women that promote optimal vaginal microflora*
Total Probiotic Count 10 Billion Viable Cells
Lactobacillus crispatus, LbV 88
Lactobacillus gasseri, LbV 150N
Lactobacillus jensenii, LbV 116
Lactobacillus rhamnosus, LbV 96
Other Ingredients:
tapioca starch, Vegetarian capsule consists of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, pH-sensitive enteric coating consists of modified cellulose, magnesium silicate, triethyl citrate, sodium alginate and cellulose gum.

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