Curcuma NFkB Turmeric Supreme Capsules, 60ct


Curcuma NF-kB: Turmeric Supreme represents full Curcumin Synergy™. Gaia Herbs unique formulation creates a powerful whole plant profile of Turmeric’s valuable properties.* Curcuma NF-kB: Turmeric Supreme provides more Curcumin per capsule than other members of our Curcuma NF-kB family of products. It may be taken alone or combined with one of these targeted formulations.

Ingredients: Turmeric root extract * (Curcuma longa) 406 mg, Turmeric root extract * (36 mg Curcumins from total EtOH extract) (Curcuma longa) 42 mg, Turmeric root supercritical extract * (Curcuma longa) 34 mg, Black Pepper fruit supercritical extract * (Piper nigrum) 7 mg, Lecithin (non-GMO), vegetable glycerin, water, capsule (chlorophyll vegetable capsule).

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