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Lymph Tonic Liquid Extract, 2 oz


This Lymph Tonic is an excellent immune supporting and detoxifying remedy. It stimulates the lymphatic system to produce and move lymph, a key part of the immune system. It is perfect to take during a cleanse as it helps the body process out inflammatory fats, histamines, and other metabolic wastes. Anyone dealing with swollen lymph nodes, chronic fatigue, recurring infections, or viral problems like mononucleosis and tonsilitis, will benefit from these powerful lymph moving herbs. Additionally, conditions that afflict many women such as cellulite and ovarian cysts will find this formula helpful. This blend works specifically with the lymphatic system, while also working closely with the blood, kidneys, liver, and spleen.

Ingredients: Red Root, Ocotillo Bark, Stillingia Root, Astragalus Root, Ginger Root.

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