Control A No.10 Azelaic Solution


Control A is a concentrated Azelaic Acid Solution. Azelaic acid has been studied to be effective in assisting with minimizing acne and inflammation, reducing pustules associated with rosacea and acne and reducing hyperpigmentation.

This solution is in the purest form possible focused solely on results. We thought deeply about this formula and chose not to add any additional ingredients to this formula and active, rather we decided to keep it pure and focus solely on helping skin heal.

Control A No. 10 is a pure concentrated formula. We wanted you to get exceptional results at this concentration and because of that you will have a longer absorption time.

Calming redness and inflammation . Skin Healing . All Acne . Rosacea . Dark Spots . Blemishes . Uneven Skin tone and texture 

INGREDIENTS: Control A No. 10 — Derived Propanediol, Azelaic Acid.

Syrupy fluid. Control A can have a moist like texture until the active is absorbed, we recommend applying the formula right after you Cleanse then follow with all other serums. Use any of our Moisturizers to help reduce texture and leave skin soft while this powerful active has the opportunity to work. Allow skin up to an hour absorption time, after which, skin will be soft and plump. 

Always patch test and allow 24 hours. Apply right after you Cleanse, then follow with all other serums. There’s no need to over apply, dispense 1-3 drops onto clean fingertips, spread the liquid between fingertips of both hands and gently pat onto face and neck moving upwards. As you begin use common side effects of Azelaic acid can apply. If irritation persists discontinue use.

We recommended conditioning the skin by introducing this active 1 to 2 times a week for 2 weeks, then move to every other day use for 2 weeks then daily if skin is tolerant but there’s no reason to push your skin, you will still see results going slower.

Control A can be used in the morning and night. We recommend starting use at night, once skin is conditioned and you’ve achieved nightly use without side effects slowly introduce AM use if needed.

When working with any Acids we recommend protecting your skin with sunscreen.

For highly sensitive skin: After you Cleanse apply Oilless then follow with Control A. Work to condition the skin with 1-2 times a week use.

Vegan . Oil Free . Cruelty Free

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