Contour Concentrated 10-Peptide Serum, 30mL


Contour is a concentrated high potency 10 Peptide Serum with intensive focus on correcting deep and fine lines, mimic lines and wrinkles. This extremely powerful yet dew light peptide-rich formula combines 10 Peptides to address total antiaging care, rejuvenating the skin's youthful appearance, focusing on deep expression lines, reducing hyperpigmentation, helping skin calm, soothe and heal, while improving overall texture and radiance.

This formula is what we would define as pre + post procedural support and care, meaning you are looking to achieve enhanced antiaging results without proceedural fillers or you would like to enhance procedural results such as Botox/fillers supporting efficacy and extending results.

• Intensive fine line + deep wrinkle repair
• Intensive deep facial mimic lines repair
• Restoring skins firmness + suppleness
• Intensive antiaging repair
• Plumping + increasing elasticity
• Stimulating collagen production
• Uneven skin tone + pigmentation

Made in United States

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