Cold DX Capsules, 60 ct

ColdDx® works fast to restore health to your immune system when you have succumbed to the stresses of fatigue, over-exposure, seasonal changes or cold weather. ColdDx was developed in Plantiva's founder's clinic with cold and detoxifying herbs that modulate the immune response and calm immune reactions that cause discomfort*. ColdDx has been evaluated in a human gene expression study to examine its effect on the immune system. Human blood samples treated with ColdDx in the presence and absence of an immune aggravator were assessed for the expression of 24 genes involved in inflammatory immune response. ColdDx significantly decreased the effects of the immune aggravation, indicating that ColdDx helps maintain healthy immune and inflammatory responses. ColdDx contains cooling and detoxifying herbs specific to a broad spectrum of respiratory and
immune health factors to create a well-balanced and complete effect.

Powerful, Scientifically-tested Relief
Restores Immune Balance
Supports Respiratory Health
Alleviates the discomfort of an overworked immune system
Reduces the effects of Immune Challenges
Works Fast to Relieve Discomfort and keep you feeling healthy
Shortens Duration of Immune Challenges
Non drowsy and stimulant-free
All ingredients sourced directly from carefully qualified botanical growers.Andrographis aerial parts extract
A very cold herb used to help detoxify the respiratory and digestive systems.

Isatis root extract
A cold and detoxifying herb. Improves respiratory and immune health.

Belamcanda rhizome extract
A cold herb specific to maintaining healthy tissue in the throat.

Forsythia fruit extract
A cold herb to help detoxify and maintain respiratory immune balance.

Coptis rhizome extract
Strong detoxifier to relieve liver, gall bladder, and immune stresses.

Bupleurum rhizome extract
Protects the liver. Helps maintain normal body temperature

Kudzu root extract
Relaxes muscles and stiffness in the upper back, neck, and discomfort in the head.

Platycodon root extract
Opens the lungs, promotes clear breathing, helps maintain optimal respiratory function.

Olive leaf extract
Improves respiratory health when affected by immune challenges.
Processed and manufactured under stringent controls in cGMP conditions to ensure that every single batch is optimized, reliable, and of consistent high quality. Ingredients:

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