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Alpha Lipoic Sustain Tablets, 60 ct


Alpha Lipoic Sustain® is in a special Sustain™ bilayer Quick Release/Sustained Release format to maximize and sustain blood levels and to minimize gastric irritation and blood sugar fluctuations.* Alpha Lipoic Acid is a unique lipid and water soluble Inflammation that is a co-factor in glucose metabolism and energy production.* ALA also promotes the synthesis of glutathione, a critical component of the body’s endogenous Inflammation network.* Biotin is added for optimum ALA activity.* 

The advanced bilayer Sustain™ tablets combine 1/3 Quick Release and 2/3 Sustained Release formats to both immediately raise and to maintain blood levels over a longer period of time.

Ingredients: Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 mg, Biotin 330 mcg.

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