Herbalist Consultation

Come meet with our certified Clinical Herbalist to develop a personalized and natural approach to your well being.


The primary purpose of this consult is to assess your needs or concerns and to be able to come up with an herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle protocol in order to support your health and well-being going forward.

Some of the more frequent health challenges that can be addressed in the consult include, but are not limited to- digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, stress, sleep, immunity or inflammation. These protocols can also be part of an integrative approach; blending natural medicine with conventional medicine, for the best outcome. Healing depends on the work that the individual is willing to do, and the intention they bring to their own healing, we will meet you at where you are and personalize you protocol to meet your goals.

What to Expect:

  • These consults typically last about an hour and are held in our private herbal apothecary room or virtually via ZOOM

  • A review of the client’s health history will take place, as well as a determination of what the client’s current health concerns are; what brought them in for the consult.

  • Review of any pharmaceutical medications you may be taking (or have tried in the past), in order to avoid any interactions and to possibly assist with any depletions caused by medications.

  • With your approval and input, a finalized comprehensive protocol will be created. This protocol may include any or all of the following items: dietary changes, lifestyle changes, herbal products, nutritional supplements, and/or other complementary therapies. Typically a protocol is followed for 1-3 months.

  • Herbal products will be selected or formulated based on your needs and preferences.

  • Depending on the complexity of the situation, the protocol suggestions may come immediately after the consult or may take a little time for the practitioner to give focused attention to the formulation of a product specific to your needs.

  • All herbs and nutrients are fully explained so that the client will have a firm understanding of the suggested protocol and the expected outcome. 

  • Follow up phone call to assess progress

Herbalist Follow Up Appointment


A follow up consult after initial consultation is recommended in most cases. This allows both client and practitioner need to ensure that the desired results are occurring. For optimal results, a re-assessment can allow for any adjustments to the herbal formulation or protocol. Expect a follow up phone call from your herbalist after the initial consult to discuss a follow up plan matched to your needs.

If you or your herbalist decide a follow up is best, please use the button below to schedule.

Disclosure Statement: Herbalism is not licensed by the state of California. Our services are complementary in nature. These consultations are for educational purposes only, and do not replace the services of a licensed physician. Herbalists are not Medical Doctors, and they do not diagnose or treat disease.