Intuitive Essence

Virgo Zodiac Fragrance


 V I R G O
(August 23-September 22) 

To create the essence of Virgo Essential Oil of Lavender soothes the nervous system and heart while Italian citrus of Bergamot shimmers on the surface and instills a sense of openness to others. Deep and intense notes of Oud wood personify a strong foundation, while synchronizing with optimistic fruit notes of Plum Blossom, that embody the harvest of life’s work and ambition.

Virgos are in touch with themselves and the world around them, giving and receiving life in their own personal excellence. This fragrance vibrates high on the scale; if it were a instrument it would be a violin. An enticing yet pleasant collaboration of oils.

Influencing our lives in some way, is each planet and zodiac sign, which can be found somewhere in our birth chart. Where Virgo is present in our chart, represents intensity and hard work.

D E T A I L S:

◆ Completely gender neutral Fine Fragrance and Essential oils to wear on any occasion.

◇The bottle is placed in a velveteen pouch to carry your scent with you, and an informational card about the fragrance with the therapeutic qualities it incorporates into its aromatic magic of balancing personality and spirit.

◆This is a completely custom composition of oils, handmade labels, and fragrance descriptions built from research and experience.

◇Vegan & cruelty free. No petrochemicals. No parabens. No sulfates. No phthalates. Made in USA.

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