A Closer Look At Pharmacy Services + A Note From The Founder

A Closer Look At Pharmacy Services + A Note From The Founder

By April Segal, PharmD, APh, BCPS, Remedy Pharmacy Owner

When we opened our doors in October 2019, Remedy Holistic Pharmacy was a different place than it is now. We set out on our journey to be a ‘New Kind of Pharmacy.’ Armed with optimism and our mission statement to guide us - to enhance the pharmacy experience by humanizing it - empowering people with the knowledge and choices to live healthy lives - we had no idea what the future would hold or just how important that mission truly was going to be.

Five months after opening our doors, we faced the COVID global pandemic and shutdown. Like all businesses, we had some tough decisions to make - how were we to adjust to the new circumstances after barely getting established ourselves? What services did our community need? Should we stick to our original plan or pivot? 

We dove headfirst into making sure we provided what you needed - COVID vaccines, COVID testing, and information and products that kept your immune system strong and your spirits up. There is no playbook to run a business during a pandemic, but we learned to stay true to our mission and to get comfortable with uncertainty and change. I am so proud of what we accomplished and the relationships we built with our patients and community during that time.

Today we face a new question - What does Remedy look like now? Now that we all have a little more stability and aren’t all-consumed with COVID. We are actually so excited about this new chapter. In part, it's a time to get back to basics. Back to the core services that initially brought us to this community. Many people have come to know us only in part, and are pleasantly surprised to learn of the array of pharmacy services we offer. 

Core Pharmacy Services

Traditional Medication Fulfillment - Yes, we got your basics covered. You can have your doctor send your medications to us, and we will process them on your insurance. Most people have the same copay at Remedy as at “the chains” (CVS, Walgreens, etc.). What you won’t find there that you WILL find at Remedy are biodegradable prescription vials, so you can feel good about choosing a pharmacy striving to make the pharmacy industry greener. 

Compounding - Making medications for individual patients is a personal and rewarding job to have. It is the most professionally fulfilling job we do as pharmacists and a personal passion of mine. From people with sensitivities to custom dosing, we love formulating to meet your needs.

Pharmacist Consultations - There aren’t many opportunities to delve deeply into medications like during our consults. During our Medication Optimization Consultations, you and a pharmacist can discuss your experience with medications and help address concerns and questions you may have. If you are concerned about medication overuse, medication interactions, medication coordination between multiple doctors, or even medication sensitivities and genetic interactions, a MedOp Consultation is warranted.

Expanded Testing Services - You know we have you covered for COVID testing, but we offer many more testing services that are more geared at personalized medicine and supplementation. We have testing to determine how your body handles drugs, testing to map your microbiome, and testing to determine what supplements you need

This year we were voted San Diego’s Best Local Pharmacy. I want to personally thank everyone who voted for us and I promise that we are going to continue to live up to that designation. As we look forward to this new chapter we are excited to announce changes we have been working towards to help us continue to meet our mission. 

Some of our newest accomplishments include launching our herbal tea service, going carbon neutral with our shipments, partnering with a local lab to offer lower cost and faster turnaround PCR tests, and expanding our team with a new pharmacist. We are so excited to also be re-starting our community workshops with our next one planned this March.

THANK YOU for voting Remedy Best Pharmacy in San Diego this year & thank you for choosing Remedy as your pharmacy. When you choose Remedy, you choose to support a locally owned, women-operated small business. You choose a pharmacy that is committed to this community and this planet. And that is just what we wanted, to bring you a New Kind of Pharmacy, a pharmacy you could be proud of too.