Natural Ways To Reduce Anxiety - The Supplement Edition

How can we support our mental wellness within a modern lifestyle? Though there are many ways to address this, holistic medicine provides countless simple solutions to bring you back to your center. Our favorite secret weapon to ground the nervous system is magnesium – a trace mineral that plays an essential role in our body’s nerve signaling and brain plasticity. Keep reading for our Top 5 Supplements to Naturally Reduce Anxiety…

The Fab Five:

Anxiet-Ease. This soothing herbal tincture is excellent for anyone who tends to have lots of anxious energy (think too much coffee kind of feeling). If you’re feeling susceptible to obsessive thinking or panic attacks, this is an awesome ally that will help soothe and quiet the mind.

Calm Restore. These herbal capsules are both convenient and effective. As one of our best sellers it contains various calming and relaxing herbs, like Skullcap and Chamomile, that also help to reduce systemic inflammation. Additionally, it contains the adaptogen Tulsi - which is supremely helpful for anyone who needs a little more emotional balance and mental clarity.

DopaPlus. This formula has the best of both worlds, containing both medicinal herbs and vital nutrients that support neurotransmitter function. It contains dopamine precursors L-tyrosine and L-DOPA from the Mucuna plant. As a bonus it also contains Zinc, which helps with mood support, encourages a healthy immune system, and can reduce the duration of illness when sick.

Holy Basil. This adaptogenic herb helps the body find balance and maintain homeostasis even in the face of major stress. It is known to lift the spirits, while soothing and calming the mind and heart. An excellent remedy to reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm, it also has an affinity for the digestive system, heart, and lungs.

Higher Powder. A thoughtfully curated adaptogen powder designed to elevate your well-being. higher powder supports in raising your state of health and happiness to a higher level. A high vibe ritual to enhance mental clarity, heighten immunity + elevate energy.

In addition to these wonderful remedies, there’s a lot you can do at home to encourage some rest and relaxation. Try your best to eat well, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. Do the things that bring you joy! Start a new book series, try out some online yoga classes, or experiment with new culinary combinations in the kitchen. Be sure to rely on your support system. Try calling your loved ones to talk everyday or even for a virtual happy hour if you’re not nearby ;) It’s amazing what a conversation with a dear friend can do for your spirits!

Lastly, remember not to take yourself too seriously. It’s okay to not be perfect right now! You don’t need to take this time to be uber productive. It’s okay to binge watch a ridiculous TV show, or eat some foods you usually refrain from. Above all, do what nourishes you. We are all going through this together and we are all in this together. You are not alone. We are here to support!