Medicinal Mushrooms (no not that type of mushroom 🍄 )

Mushrooms have been used for multiple purposes through the ages. Currently, most people recognize some species of mushrooms as having psychoactive qualities.  Only recently has modern society become aware of the ancient medicinal (and powerful) value of other types of mushrooms. This new interest has been greatly stimulated by a large number of scientific studies that have been conducted on medicinal mushrooms. Ancient cultures such as China have been using these mushrooms for many health-promoting and supporting purposes for thousands of years.


The benefits of medicinal mushrooms are incredibly varied and powerful.

Here is a shortlist:

  • Immune modulating- all mushrooms benefit immunity (even culinary when cooked).   So much so, that they are used regularly for prevention of cancer.¹ They are not just immune-stimulating, but immune-modulating, meaning they can also be used in cases of auto-immune challenges.

  • Enhanced longevity- mushrooms are full of antioxidants.  These powerful antioxidants are one of the reasons why mushrooms have been consumed for their life-enhancing properties.²

  • Adaptogenic- mushrooms fall easily into the category of adaptogens (botanicals that modulate the stress response/endocrine system).  Many people are now aware of the adaptogenic value of plants such as Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, but mushrooms are also potent adaptogens! ³

  • Heavy metal chelating (detoxing)- because mushrooms naturally chelate heavy metals and other toxins from the soil, they also can chelate them from the human body.  Another reason why it is important to know the source of your mushrooms when using them as medicine!


Examples of readily available medicinal mushrooms:


Reishi - with a long history of use, this mushroom has been attributed with therapeutic properties, such as tonifying effects, enhancing vital energy, strengthening cardiac function, increasing memory, and antiaging effects.⁴

Turkey Tail - this very well studied mushroom is being used to prevent and help in breast cancer treatment.⁵ It is being used alongside chemotherapy to ameliorate side effects and enhance healing mechanisms of conventional cancer therapy. It has also been shown to inhibit HIV, to be a immunopromoter, high in antioxidant activity, anti-tumor activity, and can help with many chronic ailments.⁶

Lion’s Mane - this interesting looking mushroom is known for its neuroprotective properties. It has been shown to increase Nerve Growth Factor in the brain.⁷  In other words, it can be useful in healing brain injuries and can increase/support brain function. Lion’s Mane is also a culinary mushroom!


If you are looking to add in high-quality therapeutic mushroom extracts, we can help! Our team is trained to help you identify the perfect mushroom match for you. So take a serious look at these incredible fungi. They offer a safe and effective option for many common ailments.





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