Get To Know Remedy - Your New Kind of Pharmacy


Is redefining the pharmacy experience by humanizing it, this means empowering people with the knowledge and choices to live healthier lives but we’re doing it a little differently from the rest - Remedy was created out of a desire to re-think medication use and the pharmacy experience overall. We wanted to create a community space where people can get answers about their medications, where natural therapeutics are not only welcomed, they are encouraged, and a place where people are treated with respect and compassion.

In the past, pharmacies were hubs of the community - they were a place to see your neighbors, a place to pick up your medicine, and a place you actually enjoyed going. Your pharmacist knew you and was available to talk with you. Sadly, the role of the community pharmacy has eroded in a world of big corporations and maximizing profits - fret no more, we’re bringing it back! We believe you deserve better. 

We’ve created an inclusive space utilizing all the tools we are fortunate to have available today, from Western to Eastern medicine to pharmacogenomic testing and compounded medications. 

Our goal is to make getting your medications a more enjoyable experience and to inform you about the options you have, moving medicine away from a one-size-fits-all assembly line to a truly personalized experience with the best pharmacists and herbalist in San Diego who are enthusiastic about creating the perfect remedy personalized for you. 


Divided opinions are very common on this topic  in the United States between Conventional Medicine - medical doctors/pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine - medicinal herbs and nutrition.  For many people it tends to be one or the other. In actuality, a healthy and reasonable blending of the two can be in the highest interest of the patient - this is Integrative Medicine!

Holistic medicine also known as Integrative or Functional Medicine has been successfully practiced in other countries and is becoming more popular in the United States, due to its balanced and practical perspective.  At its best, Integrative Medicine focuses on the wellness and health of the whole person, rather than only treating the symptoms or disease.  

Conventional Medicine provides solutions and resources for immediate and emergency care.  It holds an invaluable place in the world. No one can argue the incredible benefits and life-saving medicines and practices that have been brought about by modern medicine. But modern medicine as we know it, does not tend to address the root causes of diseases, nor provide a true place to prevent them.  In addition, drugs can cause nutrient depletions and multiple side effects.  

This is where Traditional Medicine comes in - Traditional Medicine is based on thousands of years of human beings, throughout all cultures, dealing with survival and maintaining health.  In that time we have learned how to work with plants and foods to heal and maintain ourselves. Bringing this forward into our modern lifestyle, provides the perfect match for modern medicine. Combining Traditional Medicine with Conventional Medicine allows for preventing disease, mitigating side effects of drugs, and allows modern medicine to do its job more efficiently with less down-side. Win win, right? We thought so too. This is exactly what sets us apart from any other pharmacy out there. We are quite literally paving a new way with a thoughtful approach to modern medicine paired with proven ancient wisdom. 

Thank you for being a part of this! Please share with friends and join us so soon as we get ready to open our doors to the Little Italy community!