Topricin Cream, 4 oz


Moisturizing Relief for Foot, Arch, Heel, Ankle and Nerve Pain

Ideal for Diabetics

Uses Rapid, moisturizing healing pain relief from trauma injuries of the foot, ankle and lower extremity. Reduces swelling, numbness and burning pain associated with:
• Joint pain in the toes, feet and ankles
• Heel pain/soreness (heel spurs)
• Bunions pain/ soreness (big toe)
• Nerve pain (burning pain in feet)
• Gout (pain in big toe)
• Relieves arch pain, soft tissue pain, and ball of the foot
• Relieves nerve pain between toes
• Sports injuries, shin splints, ankle sprain, achilles tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis
• Tired aching feet, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Ingredients: Aesculus hippocastanum 6X, Arnica montana 3X, Belladonna 6X, Calendula officinalis 1x, Crotalus horridus 12X, Echinacea 1X, Graphites 3X, Heloderma horridum 12X, Lachesis mutus 12X, Naja tripudians 12X, Phosphorus 6X, Rhus toxicodendron 8X, Ruta graveolens 3X, Sulfur 5X, Captex 300 (from coconut fatty acids), Carbopol® Ultrez 10 (from sucrose), Cetyl Alcohol (from coconut oil), Glycerine (vegetable-based), Hydrokote (palm kernel oil with lecithin), Isopropyl Myristate emollient (from palm seeds), Lipomulse (from coconut fatty acids), Purified Water, Sodium hydroxide, Spectrastat G 2 (derived from coconut), Steareth-21 (from stearic acid cocoa butter).

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