Palo Santo Meditation Mist, 60 ml


Mysterious, woody and calming.Experience the scent of calming Palo Santo smoke, enriched with accents of cinnamon leaf, smokey vetiver and a touch of sweet Madagascar Vanilla.This all-natural fragrance is designed to shroud your space in a mist of mindful calm, simulating the experience of cleansing with burning Palo Santo wood. 2 fl oz, 100% Natural, Scented Exclusively with Pure Essential Oils, Amber Glass Bottle Directions: Spray upwards, away from face. Use this blend of oils to purify & uplift mind, body and home. Also try this spray on your Yoga Mat to compliment your practice. Palo Santo is sustainably sourced from a small farm in Ecuador who only uses dead or fallen Palo Santo trees to distill this ethereal, sweet, nuanced essential oil. About the brand: At Mizu we believe in premium, natural ingredients and sustainable practices; creating luxury products to feel good about. We honor Craftsmanship, believing in the soulful nature of the hand and the character they give each design. We create with Respect for Earth, responsibly handcrafting every piece with care for the process and ingredients we select. MIZU designs experiences to reconnect us to the natural world. Mindfully crafted to create an atmosphere that awakens the senses. Designed with love, curiosity and a contemporary, naturalist eye. MIZU operates out of an independent design studio located in Coventry, Rhode Island.

Ingredients: Purified Aqua, Pure Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils, Polysorbate 20 ( a natural emulsifier derived from sugar ).

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