Chicken Coop

Herbal Bath Salts, Dry Skin Repair 4 oz


A bath salt that is specially blended for healing cracked inflamed skin. This blend heals deeply cracked feet quickly but is also a wonderful all-round soothing bath salt with a light herby fragrance.

Ingredients: Dead Sea and Epsom Salts, Calendula infused Meadowfoam oil, Calendula blossoms, Comfrey, Lavender, Yarrow, Plantain, essential oil blend.

About Chicken Coop Botanicals: At Chicken Coop Botanicals we create in small batches with the intention for healing. The Chicken Coop is an apothecary built in an Alder and Cedar grove at the edge of a mountain meadow. 90% of the botanicals used are grown on this property on Mt Hood, in Oregon or personally wildcrafted within four hours of us. This mountain rising before us offers the gifts of wild mushrooms, berries and useful plants. We wildcraft consciously and only in areas that are full of the plants we are seeking. We sit on the edge of a wild meadow full of herbs and tasty weeds that are gathered and used in season, preserved in a menstrum or dried for teas. We have several gardens from full sun to full shade to grow those herbs that will grow in our climate. We also support other farmers, local bee keepers and ethical businesses for those ingredients we can not grow ourselves.

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