Chuck and Sam

Discovery Set


Discovery set including Chuck & Sam’s bestsellers.

CLEANSE: The Purist Oil Cleanser (1 oz pump)

TONE: Flower Child Calendula Toner(1 oz mist)

MASK: Just Like Honey (1 oz jar)

MOISTURIZE: Mellow Gold Restorative Oil (0.25 oz dropper)

Also includes a handmade, organic cotton washcloth (which is perfect for your new oil cleanser). ***About the Brand: We make plant-based, organic skincare products in small batches in Oakland, California. We source medicinal herbs directly from farms (some we even grow ourselves). We are minimalists who avoid clutter on our shelves and in our ingredients. We’re also anti-hype: we take a scientific, evidence-based approach to formulation, using minimally processed natural ingredients that deliver maximum results.

Chuck and Sam began as our wedding website. On the big day, we gave handmade lotion as thank you to our guests. When people kept asking us for more, the idea for Chuck & Sam was born.

Sam is a writer and herbalist with a background in environmental science and sustainability; her husband Chuck, a designer and former chef, is her only guinea pig (animal testing = gross). We’re up front about what goes into our products because we respect our customers and the earth. We want skincare to become second nature, with products so simple and effective that they become staples in everyone’s daily routines. High-quality ingredients, simply prepared, no added clutter or wasted time.


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