Higher Powder

Higher Powder Premium Organic Matcha, 3.5 oz


+ lions mane and maca

A custom blend of mood-elevating, energizing adaptogens / taken daily to enhance mental clarity, heighten immunity + raise energy.


Super Premium Ceremonial Matcha. Sourced from authentic, organic, radiation-free, 1st harvest production. This means it is bright and smooth. The matcha works to elevate your mood and increase energy levels while creating relaxed mental alertness. Soak up the surge of antioxidants and life force minerals to support metabolism and mild detoxification. The lions mane steps in to support memory and focus ─ at the same time, the ginger tackles inflammation and fights invasion. The Maca is present to get your blood pumping; its aphrodisiac qualities work synergistically to support brain chemistry + hormone balancing.

Finishing off with a touch of cardamom to regulate blood pressure and awaken your senses.

For a high vibe morning routine, add 1-2 teaspoons to 4oz of hot water + 4oz steamed milk and elevate your day.

This convenient powder form can be added to steamed milk, hot water, smoothies, baking, tea, coffee & food - such as dressings. Try adding this magical powder to coconut oil, ghee or cream, and get lifted! *approx 1 tsp per cup.

premium organic ceremonial grade matcha*, lions mane mushroom*, maca*, ginger* cardamom*
*organic ingredients

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