Crystal Rising

Crystals for Entrepreneurs


Crystals for Entrepreneurs is a perfect set for anyone that is creative and pursuing a dream. This set of crystals are what I use daily for Crystal Rising. The boxes are Kraft with a clear plastic top. 3 1/2” x 5 1/2” Sealed with a sticker and affirmation. Crystals Tumbled Citrine Tumbled Clear Quartz Tumbled Amethyst Tumbled Tigers Eye Tumbled Green Aventurine Each Crystal is Consciously sourced direct from known mines.
Made in United States of America

About the Brand: Founded and run by Kathleen Golik, a Crystal Healer and Designer. Each piece is activated with crystalline energy, to find the energy blocks and begin the process to heal and thrive. As a Native New Mexican Kathleen is connected to the earth's energy and it runs deep through her and her designs. She bridges the gap between energy and design in high vibrational crystal sets, gifts, and accessories. Each piece is designed, hand-lettered, and curated by Kathleen in her bright studio in Sacramento, California. The crystals used are set with intention and sourced directly from mines ready to be used to protect, heal, and thrive.

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