Ceramic Toothbrush Holder Blush, 1 ea


This cute toothbrush holder is the little girly touch your bathroom needs. Offered in beige or pink, and always with that gold detail. Handmade in Quebec, Canada. About the Brand: At Bkind, respect is the foundation of our philosophy: the respect of the body, the mind, the environment and animals, all of these things are very important to us. Our body products do not contain any chemicals nor toxic ingredients to the skin. They are ecological and not tested on the animals. We also strongly believe in the importance of quality, which is why we carefully select each ingredient found in our products. Small jars filled with kindness and happiness, which suits wonderfully the most sensitive skins: that's what we promised at Bkind. At Bkind, respect is the basis of our philosophy: whether it is respect for the body, mind, environment or animals, all these aspects are very important to us and it is therefore the very reason for our existence. Our body products therefore contain no toxic ingredients for the skin, are ecological and, above all, not tested on animals.


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