Bon Temps

Bon Temps Ginger Teas Bags, 20 ct


An herbaceous herbal tea with big flavor. Goji berries, lemongrass and ginger combine for a hydrating sip packed with antioxidants. Reduce stress, calm tummy aches and nausea and strengthen immunity with ginger. Harvesting and Sourcing: Goji berries are sourced from Southern China. Fresh ginger and lemongrass are harvested from various parts of Europe, depending on the season, to ensure the highest concentration of rich flavors. Tasting Notes: Goji and Ginger. About the Brand: Bon Temps is a women-owned company based out of Canada. Their teas are made of the cleanest & safest in the world, so you don’t have to worry about what's in your cup. Only made from fresh, organic ingredients and corn-fiber tea bags to avoid pesticides, bleaches, artificial flavors and GMOs.

Ingredients: Hand-picked goji berries, ginger, lemongrass.

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