Bon Temps

Bon Temps Chamomile Tea Bags, 20 ct


This heavenly Chamomile is laced with a heavy dose of lavender to deepen slumber. Best served with dreams - sweet, day or night. Improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety. Harvesting and Sourcing: Chamomile flowers are harvested from various parts of Europe to maintain a full flower. The lavender is handpicked from lush French lavender fields. Tasting Notes: Serious Lavendar. About the Brand: Bon Temps is a women-owned company based out of Canada. Their teas are made of the cleanest & safest in the world, so you don’t have to worry about what's in your cup. Only made from fresh, organic ingredients and corn-fiber tea bags to avoid pesticides, bleaches, artificial flavors and GMOs.

Ingredients: Hand-picked chamomile, lavender.

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