Rowsie Vain

Baby Moon Oil, 55 ml


BABY MOON organic baby oil is a soothing and calming blend of botanical oils to aid in the relaxation of your little one.  The sunflower & avocado oil base moisturizes your baby’s delicate skin, while maintaining a sensitive touch, calming the senses using lavender and lemon essential oils.  This lightweight and all natural formula nourishes as it nurtures with some of the finest ingredients nature has to offer.  See MAMA MOON Organic Body + Belly Oil 

100% Organic


Directions for use:  Best when used before bedtime to encourage a restful and dreamy night’s sleep.  Massage with love and care on your baby’s back, chest, feet, and temples. Gentle enough for mama & baby, preferably 3 months and older.  Still safe for newborns however, because the skin of an infant is still developing, we recommend small patch tests prior to full body application.     


Ingredients: avocado oil, sunflower oil, lemon-infused extra virgin olive oil, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil

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