Amethyst Focus Mood Mist, 50 ml


Create Mental Clarity by refreshing your mind with this unique blend of floral, earth and herb. Notes of Bergamot citrus awaken the mind, as rich notes of White Time, Ylang and Pink Lotus create a prolonged sense of mental focus to aid you in working at peak performance. Helps with mental clarity, decision making and intuition. Top Notes; Bergamot, Clary Sage Heart Notes; White Thyme, Ylang, Base Notes; Amyris, Copiaba Balsam, Pink Lotus Absolute MIZU brand fragrances are blended of 100% Natural, Sustainably-Harvested Botanical Ingredients. Inspired by Amethyst, a stone known to boost clarity of mind. This blend of pure essential oils has been specially designed to bring a sense of clarity to the mind, helping to open the Third Eye and access inner guidance.

Shake well before each use.
Spray upwards, to refresh atmosphere. This blend contains natural colored oils that may stain lighter fabrics, please test before use. About the brand: At Mizu we believe in premium, natural ingredients and sustainable practices; creating luxury products to feel good about. We honor Craftsmanship, believing in the soulful nature of the hand and the character they give each design. We create with Respect for Earth, responsibly handcrafting every piece with care for the process and ingredients we select. MIZU designs experiences to reconnect us to the natural world. Mindfully crafted to create an atmosphere that awakens the senses. Designed with love, curiosity and a contemporary, naturalist eye. MIZU operates out of an independent design studio located in Coventry, Rhode Island.

Ingredients: Purified Aqua, Coconut Oil ( odorless ), Pure Aromatherapy-Grade Essential Oils of : Bergamot ( Citrus bergamia ), Clary Sage ( Salvia sclarea ), Ylang Ylang ( Cananga Odorata ), Thyme ( Thymus zygis ), Copaiba Balsam ( Copaifera spp ), Amyris ( Amyris balsamifera ), Lotus ( Nelumbo nucifera ). Polysorbate 20 ( a natural emulsifier derived from sugar ).


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