Sustainability is Our Responsibility

 by Gianne Rayandayan, Herbalist

Sustainability is a core pillar of Remedy’s company ethos. This value extends to all aspects of our business, from packaging, to curating, to client health education. As we outlined in our previous post on sustainable practices, we are passionate about not only 1) empowering folks with the knowledge to make informed, sustainable choices towards their health, but 2) reducing our environmental impact for the health of our one and only planet

As we continually review and improve upon our sustainability practices, the more we realize that health is rooted in interconnectedness. We are not separate from Nature, nor are we separate from one another. Therefore, not only is environmental sustainability our responsibility, but so is honoring the cultures, practices, and traditions of healing that are deeply rooted in respecting the Earth. 

Here are some of the ways Remedy commits to sustainable practices for the health of the environment and the people in it: 

 1. Eco-friendly packaging materials

It goes without saying that waste is a HUGE problem in the US. Unlike glass or metal which can be recycled indefinitely, or even paper which can be recycled up to 7 times, plastic can only be recycled once or twice before ending up in a landfill for good (1). What’s more, it can take a plastic bottle from anywhere between 70-450 years to degrade (2). At Remedy, we use biodegradable prescription vials which completely break down into organic matter within 3 years. We also opt for recyclable/compostable kraft paper filling when shipping out products as opposed to styrofoam. 

  • Curating brands based on similar values 
  • Over the last two years, our curated collection of supplements and herbal products have grown tremendously. We always vet our suppliers based on their commitments to environmental sustainability. Specifically, we look for:

    - Organic ingredients, free of pesticides and harmful chemicals
    - Packaging with recycled materials
    - Sustainably sourced botanicals harvested through regional wild-crafting techniques or confirmed sustainable farming practices


  • Shopping Local
    In an effort to reduce carbon emissions from shipping, we aim to bring in local products whenever possible. For example, California Honey Co., David’s Toothpaste, Sleepy Bears, Intuitive Essence, and Higher Powder are all local vendors from right here in San Diego! 


    2. Culturally conscious products

    This is a continual work in progress, but we happily welcome any and all suggestions for bringing in products that are not only environmentally sustainable, but socio-culturally conscious as well. While we had stocked locally and sustainably grown White Sage over the holidays, we are super excited to bring in a collection of white sage alternatives [link] for smoke cleansing. There is a lot that goes unsaid in popular wellness regarding the history of White Sage and its specific role within Native American spirituality-- we would like to be advocates for such awareness and look forward to growing in this regard! 

    We know that sustainability is a marathon, not a sprint. The only way for sustainability to really take hold is to commit to small, consistent actions over time. These small actions eventually become habits, which eventually become culture. We are in it for the long haul, but we are so hopeful.